350 Blocks Project – January Report

I got a crazy amount of blocks done in January.  I’m already past the goal of 350 blocks for the year.

First, I made 98 of each of the four types of blocks below.  These are for my version of the 2014 retreat quilt.  Every year at retreat, a few of us choose a quilt pattern to work on together.  I was busy working on the Christmas quilts, so I got very little done at retreat.  If you are interested, the pattern for this quilt is here.  If you decide to make the quilt, make sure you ignore steps 3B and 6.  Those steps involve un-sewing certain seams just so you can re-sew the same seams later.

The Ladie's Stitching Club Quilt

After that, I put together 42 of these blocks for a baby quilt for a co-worker:

baby quilt block

That puts me at 434 blocks in January!  The next couple of months will be spent turning those blocks into finished quilts.  I wonder if I can exceed 1,000 blocks this year?

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6 Responses to 350 Blocks Project – January Report

  1. dezertsuz says:

    Oh, my gosh! Un-BE-liveable! You go, Bobbi! I’d like to see the pattern, but there was no link on the word here. Really pretty fabrics in that, and the baby quilt is just adorable fabric! Yes, I think you can exceed 1000!

  2. At this rate, you’ll get there before summer!

  3. Such an ambitious goal, but with a start like that it is doable! We’ll have fun cheering you on!

  4. Karen says:

    I can only wish I could make that many blocks in one month. You rock girl.

  5. katieQ says:

    That’s an amazing amount of blocks. Your machine must have smoking.

  6. Micheline Smith says:

    43 blocks for me!

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