My Very Own Website

I have some very exciting news.  I have been working hard behind the scenes, and now I have my own website!  The name of the site is Snowy Days Quilting.

I am planning to add a lot of content, including recipes and tutorials.  I will also be posting there much more consistently.

I am starting by showing all of the projects I have completed in the past couple of years.  I showed in-progress pictures for many of them here, but never quite got around to showing the finished projects.  I will be remedying that on the new site.  You can already see pictures of my completed first quilt here!  Many more projects will be added in the coming weeks.

I truly appreciate all of you loyal readers.  I hope you will check out Snowy Days Quilting.  From here on out, I will be conducting all of my blogging on that site.  Here is a direct link to my new blog.

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