Operation: Christmas Quilts – Success

Family QuiltsI started planning this Christmas well in advance.  My Dad is retiring next summer, and my parents will be moving about 45 minutes away from me.  At that time, they are planning to sell their house, so this was their last Christmas in the house I grew up in.  We started planning in 2012 for everyone to be there this year.  It was so wonderful to have my parents, my sister, and our husbands all together for the holiday.

I wanted to make this Christmas as special as possible since it will likely be a long time before we can all be together at Christmas again.  I decided that I really wanted to make quilts for everyone, and to keep it a surprise.  I began designing and piecing the quilts in September 2013 in order to make that a reality.  My husband did the vast majority of the cooking and housework this past year so that I could focus on the quilts.  That plus the many nights I spent sewing into the wee hours allowed me to hand them off to FedEx just in time.

On Christmas morning, everyone was stunned, and many tears were shed.  I cannot express how glad I am that I was able to pull it off.  Every minute of work was completely worth it, several times over.  My heart is full.

Holding Their Christmas Quilts

Fighting for the Front

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1 Response to Operation: Christmas Quilts – Success

  1. dezertsuz says:

    Wow, what a wonderful gift for everyone! You did really well, and I can tell they are all thrilled to own a Bobbi original. =)

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