Studio Tour 2014

Every year, the Gallatin Quilt Guild does a studio tour as a fund raiser.  5 local fiber artists open up their studios for the events.  Participants are split into groups, and the groups rotate among each of the studios.  We spend about 45 minutes at each location.  At the third location, lunch is provided.

This year’s tour was today.  My mom and I went together, and we had a great time.  It was so fun to go into the different homes and hear the people’s stories.  I took pictures of some of my favorite pieces.  After seeing all of the homes today, I think I may need to start making some quilts to spruce up my bare walls.

The pictures below are the pieced quilts that caught my eye.  The paper pieced stars on the blue background was made by Markie Nathan, and the other two were made by Colleen Brester.

2014 studio tour 1

2014 studio tour 2

2014 studio tour 3

We also got to see Marie Melton’s studio.  She does beautiful art quilting.  She lets the fabric speak to her and works until she is satisfied with a piece.  She doesn’t use any patterns.  Her work was amazing.  She said that the forest fire quilt was her masterpiece.  It was incredible.  She used many different materials to get the desired effects.

2014 studio tour 5

2014 studio tour 6

2014 studio tour 4

The most fascinating studio belonged to Helen Dovan.  She paints silk scarves.  Her work is gorgeous.  I think my favorite pieces were the ones that folded together to meet and complete a picture.  Helen is currently offering discounted classes, so my mom and I are signed up to meet with her the next two weekends.  I can’t wait!

2014 studio tour 7

2014 studio tour 8

2014 studio tour 9

2014 studio tour 11

2014 studio tour 11

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1 Response to Studio Tour 2014

  1. dezertsuz says:

    How interesting! Lucky you to be in a place where you could do this.

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