Texas Was Amazing

My trip down to Texas to visit Joy was absolutely amazing.  Three years was much too long to go without seeing such a good friend.  Our time together went oh-so-quickly, and we had a blast.

I flew down on Saturday, and I arrived in the early afternoon.  It was a gorgeous day, so we headed to the zoo.  I was thrilled at how quickly Hosea warmed up to me.  The picture below was when we were watching the spider monkeys.  They were the first animal that really caught his attention.  His other favorite was the elephants.

Hosea and Bobbi

In addition to animals, the zoo had Dippin’ Dots.  You can’t get Dippin’ Dots in Montana, so I was very excited about this development.  After we finished wandering the majority of the zoo, we stopped by the Dippin’ Dots stand for our treat.  Hosea doesn’t get very many sweets, and he’s never had Dippin’ Dots before.  This look of utter delight stuck with him the whole time we were enjoying the treat.

Hosea and Dippin Dots

Surprisingly, it was chilly the rest of the time I was down there.  We even got some sleet a couple of times.  The nearby fountain looked really pretty when it iced over.

icy fountain

Due to the weather, we spent most of the rest of our time hanging out inside.  It was awesome to have so much time to talk and enjoy each others company.  One of our favorite things to do together is to make soup, so we made sure to fit that in twice while I was there.  We did creamy tomato soup one night, and french onion soup another night.  They were both delicious!  Unfortunately, I failed to get a picture of Joy and I together, but I did snag one of her with Hosea.

Hosea and Joy

Hosea was so cute.  Every time I pulled out my camera, he wanted to take pictures, too.  Fortunately, he had his own camera that he could run around with.  Whoever invented cameras for toddlers is a genius.

Hosea's Camera

I also enjoyed hanging out with Iain when he was home.  Hosea loves his daddy.  One evening, Iain brought a new fire truck book home.  Fire trucks are Hosea’s favorite thing in the world right now, so he was pretty stoked.  This particular book was doubly awesome because it had wheels.

Hosea and Iain

Hosea really loved his quilt, too.  I pulled it out, and he got the biggest grin.  He immediately started playing peek-a-boo with it.  It wasn’t long before he was dragging it all over the house.  Later in the week, we used it to set up a little bed in his fire truck tent.  He really liked that.

Hosea's fire truck tent

I really did have the most wonderful time in Texas.  Naturally, it went by much too quickly.  I’m not sure when Joy and I will get to see each other again, but I already can’t wait.

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1 Response to Texas Was Amazing

  1. Joy says:

    I cannot believe I am just now reading your blog. Like, seriously??? This made my heart melt and smile. It truly was a lovely time and I miss you so much!! Just yesterday Hosea was asking about you again and wanted to see pictures of you. You have definitely left quite the impression in that two year old’s little heart. I really really really hope that we will get to come visit you next time!!! We have a hiking date awaiting us! Love you girl!!

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