Hosea’s Quilt

At the beginning of the month, I wrote that I really wanted to make a quilt for my best girlfriend’s son, and that I only had a month to do it.  I am pleased to report that I succeeded!  In fact, I managed to finish the quilt in 23 days.  I’m so very happy that I got it done in time to take it with me to Texas on Saturday.  I hope he loves it.

Hosea Quilt Label

I made the quilt jelly roll race style.  This is my second jelly roll race quilt.  I completed the race portion of my first one in 96 minutes.  This time, the race only took me 81 minutes.  I wonder if I make another some day, if I’ll be even faster?

Hosea Complete Quilt

I quilted it with all over loops with a 50wt medium grey thread (Aurifil 2610).  The loops were a lot of fun to quilt, and they went really fast.  I think it was even faster than stippling.  I also really like the look it gives.

Hosea Quilt Loops

The batting was Hobbs 80/20.  This is the first time I tried that batting.  Until now, I have only used Warm and Natural.  I like this batting a lot better.  The drape is nicer, and after I washed the quilt, it crinkled up much more.  I really love the feel the batting gives this quilt.  The bonus is that this batting also significantly less expensive, especially since Connecting Threads does batting sales fairly often.

Hosea Quilt Crinkles

I’m very happy with how this quilt turned out.  I can only hope that Hosea will love it and use it.  I can’t wait to meet him and give it to him.  And of course, I’m beyond excited to see his mother.  It’s been much too long since we’ve been together.

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9 Responses to Hosea’s Quilt

  1. Susan says:

    Normally, I’m not a big fan of the race quilts. The fabrics you used make it look like a modern art landscape, and I like it very much!

  2. Daddy says:

    Absolutely beaytiful work! Hosea will be so happy to cuddle up in it!

  3. Oh, who couldn’t love this?! What a nice gift
    LeeAnna Paylor Not Afraid of Color! lapaylor.blogspot.com

  4. Mom says:

    Love it! He is a blessed little boy to be able to wrap up in your love any time he wants. Have a great trip and enjoy an evening with your Daddy also. Give my love to Joy and her family. Save travels.

  5. Sheila says:

    LOVE your strip quilt! Fabrics, quilting, everything. She will love this quilt.

  6. Sheila says:

    Oops. I meant that HE will love. Sorry.
    And I love jelly roll race quilts, too. So much fun.

  7. This turned out great, he’s going to love it!

  8. A truly fabulous strippy quilt. How wonderful to have put it together so quickly.

  9. Joy says:

    You did an AMAZING job on this quilt and he does just LOVE it!!!! He cuddles it and snuggles with it daily! What a gift to treasure! 🙂

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