Design Wall

My sewing room has been a disaster area since we moved over the summer.  I am ever so slowly getting everything organized and arranged into a pleasant space.  My most recent step in that process was putting up a design wall.  That finally happened last night.

My design wall is nothing fancy; it’s just a large piece of cotton batting stapled to the wall.  But it makes me so very happy.  In fact, I haven’t sewn a stitch today because I can’t stop looking at it.  It makes me so happy to look over and see pieces of my project on the wall.

Now I’m excited to finish up the blocks and lay them all out.  It’s so much nicer to figure out a layout when you can step back and look at it straight on.  And I won’t be hindered by cats tearing through the house and messing everything up every few minutes like they do when I use the floor.

design wall

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2 Responses to Design Wall

  1. dezertsuz says:

    Oh, that makes a great design wall. I have a small piece that serves that purpose for me – more to remind me of projects that need finishing. LOL

  2. Daddy says:

    I think your catds will love jumping at the beautiful squares on your desighn wall!

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