Happily Quilting Away

quilting along

There is no better way to spend a weekend than quilting.  I have really been enjoying this process.  It’s amazing how much the time it takes to quilt depends on the design.  It is taking so much less time to stipple this quilt than it did to do the snowflake quilting on my table runner.  I’ve only run into one major hangup so far.

quilting fail

It’s a little bit hard to see, but I folded the back onto itself and quilted it down.  Of course, I didn’t notice until the bobbin ran out, so it took a couple of hours to undo all of the necessary stitching to fix it.  Fortunately, my man knows just how to make everything better.


Caramel corn drizzled with chocolate!  And the occasional piece of popcorn dipped in huckleberry flavored white chocolate.  A perfect pick me up.  And after a good night’s sleep and spending the morning with the hubby, I’m ready to finish up quilting this quilt.  Hopefully there will be no more frogging on this project.

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One Response to Happily Quilting Away

  1. Betty says:

    Beautiful quilting! And the caramel corn is such a nice treat.

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