350 Block Challenge – February Update


The 350 Block Project: 2013 is a challenge to complete 350 blocks this year in an effort to make substantial progress on some quilts.  Since the challenge was posted partway through January, that basically comes out to a block a day.  Shelly is keeping a running list that includes the block goal for each month, the total goal for the year so far, and the progress of everyone who is participating.  Additionally, there’s a flickr group for participants to show off their blocks.

The goal for February was to complete 28 blocks for a total of 45.  I went into the month pretty nervous about my ability to do that, but I ended up really surprising myself.  I finished 42 blocks!  All of them were for my sister’s choice quilt.  Now I’m (finally) done with all 81 of the blocks that I need for that quilt, and I’m working on assembling it.  These were the blocks that I finished this month:

February 1

My total block count for the year thus far is 82 blocks.  That puts me 37 blocks ahead.  I’m pretty pleased with that since I expect to spend at least the next month assembling and quilting my sister’s choice quilt.  I had wanted to be a month ahead to give me the time I need to do that.

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3 Responses to 350 Block Challenge – February Update

  1. How beautiful! That’s gonna be a great quilt! And I need to try your idea — getting ahead so I can spend time working on something and finish it!

  2. Emily says:

    Congrats on getting all the squares together. The quilt top will come together quickly now!

  3. Mom says:

    Beautiful! What an awesome first quilt. Love you

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