I heard about Winterfest when I visited the local quilt guild earlier this month.  They said there would be a quilt show, so of course I had to go.  It turns out that it was rather like a miniature county fair without the carnival.  The festivities included a craft show, petting barn, horse auction, rabbit show, and horse-drawn hay rides, to name a few.

While I went to see the quilt show, the best part ended up being the displays put on by the Living History Museum.  They demonstrated many crafts the way they were done years ago.  There was one lady there with a beautiful old hand crank sewing machine.  I stopped to talk with her and to admire the machine, and she invited me to sew on it!  She had little old fashioned pouches kitted up that she was using to teach people to use the machine.  I really love old machines, but I’ve never imagined that I would ever get the opportunity to actually use a hand crank machine.  It completely made my day.  And I think I made her day with how excited I was.

winterfest 1

Of course, the quilt show was also fantastic.  There was such a variety of styles, and they were all so beautiful.  Some of them were absolutely exquisite works of art.  I took pictures of many of the quilts, but due to the poor lighting, only a few of the pictures actually turned out.  My camera doesn’t like to focus when the lighting isn’t ideal.

winterfest 2

winterfest 3

Its a little bit hard to see, but there are actually stars in the middle of each of those blocks.  I absolutely love the snowflake batik that was used to make the stars.  The quilting also features a variety of snowflakes.  Here’s a close up of the center of one of the blocks.

winterfest 4


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