350 Block Challenge

I just ran across the 350 Blocks Project: 2013 by Shelly of Prairie Moon Quilts. The goal is just like it sounds–make 350 quilt blocks this year.  While you’re at it, share your progress each month and get entered in a drawing.  There’s even a flickr group where you can see what the other participants are up to.  For complete rules, click the button below.


350 blocks is a lot.  It’s several quilts worth, to be sure.  And I mentioned yesterday that I currently have a bee in my bonnet to get some quilts finished.  I’m ready to be able to snuggle up under one of them!  How cool would it be to actually finish 350 blocks this year and have a couple of quilts for my bed?

Now, I don’t know if I will actually be able to finish 350 blocks this year, but it sounds like a fun challenge–and I’m always up for a challenge.  Nothing gets me motivated like a little friendly competition.  The 350 blocks project isn’t actually a competition, but once I have a challenge in front of me, I feel a certain sense of competition against the goal and the calendar.  The fact that I’ll be checking in every month just ups the ante.

So far, I’m doing great!  The goal for January was 17 blocks, and I actually finished 40 blocks.  First, I finished 24 blocks for the Quilting for a Cause flickr groupTX Sarah will be putting them together with other people’s blocks to make a quilt for the Lubbock Ronald McDonald House.

Ronald McDonald House blocks 1

Ronald McDonald House blocks 2

Ronald McDonald House blocks 3

After that, I finished 16 blocks for my sister’s choice quilt.

bee in my bonnet 1

I’m glad that I’m starting out a bit ahead.  While I’m focusing on my sister’s choice quilt, I’m not sure that I’ll be able to keep up with one block a day, but I will certainly try.  February’s goal is 28 blocks for a total of 45.  We’ll see how many I’m able to get done.

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4 Responses to 350 Block Challenge

  1. I love your Sister’s Choice blocks — gorgeous!

  2. Looking good! Your blocks, and quilts, are coming along nicely.

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