Bee in My Bonnet

After finishing my table runner, I really want to finish a bed quilt.  And while I’m very excited about Bonnie’s mystery, and I’m close to finishing the units for it, I’m pretty set on finishing the first quilt I started before I finish any others.  So I’m plugging away just as fast as I can on my sister’s choice quilt.  Last week, I managed to make 16 blocks for it!

bee in my bonnet 1

I certainly like some of the blocks much more than others.  I’m in love with some of the fabrics, but not so much with others.  However, I’m thinking that they will all play well together in the overall scrappiness of the whole quilt.  The more blocks I make, the more I think that everything will fit in somewhere.  I do still have my favorites, though.  These three are my favorites from last week’s batch:

bee in my bonnet 2

While I’ve been working on the sister’s choice blocks, I’ve been sewing pairs of flying geese for Easy Street as my leaders and enders.  This is my first time using the leaders and enders method, and I’m loving it.  I really enjoy watching finished units stack up without any extra effort.  It is completely worth the little bit of extra preparation time that it takes to get leaders and enders ready to go.  It will require some discipline to make sure that I always have leaders and enders on hand, but I’m definitely going to work towards always quilting that way.

bee in my bonnet 3

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9 Responses to Bee in My Bonnet

  1. Looks like good progress on the Sisters choice. How many more blocks do you need to finish?

  2. Sara says:

    I saw the Easy Street idea over at Kevin Quilts today and think that it is intriguing to learn about it some more:) I will have head on over to Bonnie”s soon!

    Enjoyed your quilt top and I agree with you on your favorite blocks!


  3. Your blocks look great and your leader-ender pile is growing quickly. Don’t give up on the sister’s choice blocks. You are right in thinking that they will all blend in as you add to the group.

  4. I need to look into leaders and enders. Thanks for the link.

    • Bobbi says:

      You’re welcome! It took me a while to start using them because it was easier to just use a folded up piece of fabric–it took no thought, and no time to prep something. But now that I’ve gotten started with leaders and enders and seen how quickly it adds to my progress, I’m always going to quilt that way.

  5. salliesue says:

    Such pretty things you’ve got going on! Whoop whoop!!

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