God Is in Control?

God is in control.  It’s something I hear often, particularly when things are going wrong.  You lost your job?  That really sucks, but it’s ok, because God is in control.  Your spouse was critically injured in a car accident?  Don’t worry–God is in control.  You had a miscarriage?  I know it’s hard, but God knows what He’s doing.  He is in control.

I really started thinking about this right after the election.  I’m Facebook friends with a lot of people that firmly believed it was God’s will for Romney to win.  The day after he lost, my news feed overflowed with verses and platitudes about God being in control.  People were expressing their disappointment that Romney had lost, then consoling themselves with the fact that God is in control and His way is best.

My question is, why does it matter that God is in control?  How does that make anything better?  If you firmly believe that God’s will was for Romney to win, then why does God being in control somehow make it ok that he lost?  I’m not saying anything about who should have won; I’m simply asking why people that believe God wants one thing to happen say that His being in control means everything is alright when the opposite happens.

world in his handsEvery day people are raped, abused, sold into slavery, murdered, and starved.  Most would agree that these are all great evils.  From what I know of the Bible, I would say that they certainly are not God’s will.  Yet, they happen under His watch.  Does that make these things ok?  Of course not!  No one would tell a child that was kidnapped and forced to be a soldier that what happened to him was ok.  Why, then, do people insist that the smaller evils around them are not as bad as they seem since God is watching over us and has everything under control?

In the interests of constructive discussion, let me be clear about a few things.  I am not looking for a political conversation.  I also am not questioning whether the Bible indicates that God is in control.  What I don’t understand is how God’s control should make us feel better about the evil things that happen.  Just because He lets them happen, doesn’t make those things any less evil.  So why do people console themselves with the fact that He is in control and that He allowed the things to happen?

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One Response to God Is in Control?

  1. lisa says:

    I’ve been having the same battle in my head. Since the Sandy Hook shootings, I’ve had a hard time sending my daughter to school. I keep hearing my wonderful friends and family tell me that God is in control, or that He loves my daughter more than I even do, both of which I believe. And yet, I still know that she could end up shot at some point in her school career. I think faith in God means something other than putting your kids in a dangerous place and just hoping their school is not the one hit today. What exactly does it mean for God to be in control in light of horrific school shootings?

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