My First Quilt – Fussy Cut Centers and Changing Plans

While I was fussy cutting for the *Picture-Perfect* Polaroid Block Swap, it occurred to me that it would be fun to sprinkle some fussy cuts in my sister’s choice quilt.  Since I was already fussy cutting, I set aside some of the squares to incorporate into this quilt when I got back to it.  I have to say, I love the result.  I haven’t looked at the blocks with any of the other blocks yet, but I really like the blocks on their own.  I’m sure that I will love them being little surprises scattered among the more traditional quilt blocks that will make up the majority of the quilt.  I’m thinking I may have to do a bit more fussy cutting because these blocks are so much fun.


The other thing that occurred to me as I had a bit of time away from this quilt was that my original plan would leave it much too small.  I had researched quilt sizes and decided to layout the blocks 7X8.  That would make the top finish at 78X88 with the border.  That sounded perfectly reasonable as it would be 18 inches wider than the top of the bed.  A 9 inch drop on either side seemed like plenty.


The trouble came when I realized that we both like to wrap up in the blankets, and the 90X90 fleece blanket we have is barely enough for the two of us in the middle of the night.  At first, I tried to rationalize that my original plan was fine, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized how much happier I would be with something bigger.  When I brought it up to Ben, he quickly agreed that it should be bigger.  So, the plan has changed.  What was going to be a 7X8 layout will now be a 9X9 layout.  It will be 102X102 with the border.  Yep.  I’m making a king size quilt for a queen size bed.  I’m looking forward to how snugly it will be, but I’m really nervous about quilting it.  I may have to set it aside and work on some baby quilts first so I can get the hang of free motion quilting before I try it on something so large.

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2 Responses to My First Quilt – Fussy Cut Centers and Changing Plans

  1. Astrid says:

    It’s lovely! I love the blocks! It’s going to be a gorgeous quilt. Fussy cutting is lots of fun! All the best on your big quilt project! If you feel it is overwhelming to free motion quilt it, you can always stitch-in-the-ditch.
    Have a wonderful week!

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