Starting My Polaroid Blocks

I mentioned Saturday that I’m participating in the Picture Perfect Polaroid Block Swap.  Since the Fat Quarter Shop sent my white fabric so quickly, I was able to get started sewing the blocks this weekend.  I spent a good part of the day sewing yesterday, and I already have 56 blocks done!  I have another 70 centers cut out and ready to be sewn into Polaroid blocks.  I’m really enjoying this project.  The blocks are adorable.  I don’t know how many I will swap and how many I will keep, but I’m hoping to be able to make a big quilt, and maybe a few smaller projects as well.

As I was sewing yesterday, I noticed that the strip of blocks looks a lot like bunting before you cut them apart.  I decided to hang some up to get the full effect.  They remind me of people in college who would clip their pictures to strings and hang the strings on the walls.  I may have to figure out how to turn some of these into bunting, because they are really cute hanging that way.

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2 Responses to Starting My Polaroid Blocks

  1. Debbie says:

    Reallly cute! You are going gung ho – yikes! 😉

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