Here is the beginning of a journey.   Who can say where this journey will take me?  Who can say what form it will take?  Maybe the journey will be short.  But then, maybe it will be very long.  Perhaps others will come along for the journey, or perhaps this is a place I will tread alone.  This could be an intense look at the deepest places of my heart, or it could be a fleeting glance at something that makes me smile.

Whatever this journey turns out to be, it will be real.  I intend to be brutally honest here.  Perhaps someone, somewhere will benefit from that honesty.  If nothing else, I know I will.  It is too easy for me to hide from myself.  Too easy to drift through the day without really thinking; without acknowledging the questions that press at the back of my mind.  Here I will stop and reflect.

This blog is a place for contemplating my hardest thoughts, as well as for savoring life’s joys.  Every moment of life is precious, whatever it brings.  Thus, whatever the moment brings is what you will see.  I will acknowledge each moment for what it is.  I will not wear a mask.

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